The IB tabs really suck

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. You cant move them around, they detach instead

    They are farked. You click on a tab and another tab appears instead.

    Bad news.
  2. f***k Am i the only one having problems changing the pages on the latest ib build.

    sux large
  3. they annoy the crap out of me... they're always moving on me when I just want to active/switch to a different page...

    ah well...
  4. I also have problems with this build with the tabs.

    I emailed and told them about this problem. They replied that you could move them around (like in the old build). LOL.

    Maybe more people should email and tell them that this is a problem. Then maybe they will fix it.
  5. move them my ass, you can barely get the page you want without playing games.

    bullcrap quality control on this build
  6. Catoosa


    I upgraded TWS from Ver 866 to Ver 867.4 and Java 1.5.0_11. I can not find any thing wrong with my page tabs except I can not remove the "detach" and "delete" buttons from the active page (I thought IB posted that this would be an option in ver 867). I did loose my hotkey settings in the upgrade.

  7. Lucrum


    I have accidently detached a page when I was only trying to select it. Overall I'm not overly impressed with this particular "improvement".
  8. I find that at least 75% of the time , im getting a diff page than the one I clicked.

    The screwed something up. No other problems on any other software on my system

    Not user error

    my guess is the 'debounce' for the mouse is too sensitive, and is picking up the click twice
  9. dst

    dst Interactive Brokers

    FYI we already removed this feature in upcoming release, sorry for inconvenience.
  10. This is freaking me out, too. They need to have an option in place "LOCK PAGE TABS" so they don't get moved and detached by accident. Jesus.
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