The IB Notes

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by gms, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. gms


    Read two posts on a new thread last evening regarding IB's offering of their 8% notes to customers; the thread seems to have vanished.

    Was looking to read up on customer's experiences. Got any?
  2. ktm


    Good experience here. The offering is limited to accredited investors.
  3. IB customers agree to a confidentiality agreement regarding the notes which might account for the thread disappearing.
  4. gms


    They way I understand it, to cause a public forum to be deleted because of a confidentiality agreement violation, a confidentiality agreement would need to have elitetrader as a party to that agreement - and the agreement would have to be specifically violated. That agreement prohibits all information 'regarding the offering' from being disclosed, but that does not necessarily cover anyone's expression of whether or not they found their past participations satisfactory. That being the case, it's unlikely that anyone posting their opinion, or a thread asking for those opinions, is enough to warrant a breach of any such agreement, so says I. Though thanks for the heads-up about possible breach.

    I'd really like to know how things worked out for others who've participated before, but, and here's the caveat, not any specific information 'regarding the offering' itself. Thanks.