The 'I love Israel' thread

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thehitman, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. I love Israel, as should all Americans.

    Register your love on this thread.
  2. WTF???

    Why would I love someone who doesn't love me back ??
  3. Lucrum


    You're a moron.
  4. luke , please register you love , or else there would be a complaint against you. :( .
  5. Eight


    Israel is God's thingy. Interesting, but personally I care little what happens to them all.. I don't visit Israel because I've lived in Southern California so long that being hassled by mindless obsessed bullying Jews is old hat. My dad and younger brother were mindless obsessed bullying Jews, I'd had enough of that by the first grade probably.. I can't imagine wanting to go to a whole country full of Jews! If I did that I'd probably slap myself on the forehead and say "what was I thinking???" French people maybe, but Jews? Ye gadz, I'm not a masochist... French people are easy going and they know good food and they aren't fat bullying fucks like American women and Jews..

    Forget that Jew shit, all they know is work and money, they remind me of my wife in that regard, what a nagging moron that mess was.. she was like a Jew after awhile, she thought I was unclean [just because my pals were mobsters..] I moved after awhile, no mobsters, no nag.. I miss the dogs though..

    I am a happy man nowadays. I don't recommend hanging with mobsters unless 1) they have some money 2) you are a murdering psychopath. If you have those two thing going on then by all means you should hang with mobsters, otherwise it makes no sense at all.

    I can't see hanging with Jews that much, maybe they will give you their WSJ after they are done with it or something, otherwise, what's the point? They think they are the shit and everybody else is unclean so there 'ya go... only hang with Jews if they are paying you and get the money up front.

  6. Wow .You have already posted how moving away from African Americans makes life so much better now Jews as well? Is there any groups other then whites that you can stand being around ?
  7. True. Did you register your love yet?
  8. I spit on your blind subservient self hate love for Zionist warmonger Nazis.


    Is my registration clear enough :D
  9. Yes. Thank you. I love you now.
  10. Anti Israel is not Anti Jew.
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