The hypocrisy of the klannish...

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  1. What do we hear all the time?

    The klannish says the federal government is the problem.

    When there is a disaster who do they scream for to help?

    The federal government.

    Why don't we hear BP say: "We are going to bring in everyone from Haliburton, Exxon Mobil, Schlumberger, and all the oil companies together to fix this problem. This is not on the taxpayer's dime, this is our mess and we will clean it up immediately." hear the klannish crying for the federal government to step in, because private industry simply will not clean up their own mess...

    The klannish should be putting the screws to Dick Cheney, Bush, the oil cartel, BP, and private industry...if they really believe private industry does it best...

    But they don't believe private industry does it best, or they want the taxpayers to cover the cost of private industry fuckups...
  2. 100 % truth

    If Obama were to have stepped in and taken over,the Republicans/Klan would be saying its Obama pushing big government again and he should let BP handle it
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  4. Wrong, the democrats (klannish) suck federal cock and worship every movement of the federal government. Unless of course there's a republican administration... LOL!!!

    The Klan is a democrat organization.

    The people bitching have every right to bitch. 90% of their taxes go to the fed, they damned well better be screaming to the fed for help. But naturally the parasitic blunder that is the fed is incompetent, and only interested in photo ops.

    The sensible commentators know that this isn't the time to point fingers at companies or past politicians. They know that its time to fix the problem, and worry about playing the blame game later. They also know they pay 90 pct of their taxes to the fed. Hence they are responsible for fixing the fuckups. They can go after whoever or do whatever they need to do after things are fixed, but for now, shit needs to get fixed, and this administration, just like the last one, is an impotent, parasitic pile of shit.

  5. Who are the Klannish...This is a slang term for something in your mind....please take your medicines.
  6. You know who the klannish see one every time you look in the mirror...

  7. Unless you want the Federal Government to nationalize the oil industry, to become the experts in solving the oil industry problems the oil industry can't solve...the expertise in solving the problem continues to rest on the shoulders of the private sector...

    Constantly there is talk about how superior the private sector is in solving problems, how the federal government intervention can't fix the problems that come up...but when the shit hits the fan the screaming is for the federal government to step in...

    What a bunch of lying scumbag duplicitous politically driven hypocrites..

  8. The Government has a big role in all drilling because drillers need to follow all the burdensome regulations. The government has forced itself into this role. And also there is no state power with jurisdiction over the accident site. Only the federal government can oversee this operation.
  9. Burdensome regulations? You mean safety regulations?

    Oh yes, what a of the public...

    This is on BP and oil companies. If they don't fix it, nationalize them.

  10. Lucrum


    So you're suggesting the US nationalize BRITISH Petroleum?
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