The hurricane heading towards nyc/nj

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  1. Man what's the deal with the hurricane heading to nyc/nj this weekend, everyone is panicing like it's the end of days. The media of course are throwing more fuel to the fire. It will probably just be a nonevent with some rain and wind....

    With bencopter speech tomorrow and light trading volume, it will be an interesting day heading into hurricane weekend.

    Was planning to go paintball in upstate this weekend, probably not such a bright idea now that i think about it. Dont want to end up on the darwin award...
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    Enjoy getting smashed by a fallen tree whilst paintballing.

    Im a catastrophe insurance adjuster, I track these things closely; this one looks like more than just media hype.

    I, for one, plan on making a nice chunk of change from Ms Irene.
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    Yea I have to say watching the news over the last couple of days shows how much the media can hype something, they over do it in most cases. I have seen this before, hyping up huge blizzards that become a non-event. I'm not saying that this isn't going to be a non-event, for the ones in low lying areas and on the coast, they have to evacuate. Again the media just goes too overboard on so many things in the news, its really pathetic sometimes.
  4. There will be guys working for a year cleaning up claims on this one. What adjusting firm do you work for?
  5. Let it clean up Seaside Heights in one big sweep ( the trash, not talking about garbage ) and spare everything else.
    May NJ , Long Island costal communities get spared . This rainy spring caused enough damage.
  6. Worse than a victim entitlement lawyer.
  7. J Ski

    J Ski

    Been fortunate to have been through:
    Typhoon Pamela in Guam, 200mph max winds, 30 days no power.
    Then Hurricane Andrew, around 200mph winds,5 days no power.
    Then Wilma, a p*ssy, 150mph, 14 days no power.

    So, if you drink, party,
    don't be an old farty,
    paintball the town,
    and just be a clown,
    no big deal,
    and take this a warning,bub,
    forget not, to put away some grub.
  8. It will be downgraded to a trop-storm by the time it hits NYC.
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    Fuck you.

    These storms happen regardless, someone has to look at the damage so people can get their checks. Its a hard job, living in hotels for months at a time, working in bad neighborhoods, walking on roofs, you better believe Im looking to make as much cash as I can when a major hurricane makes landfall. It could be years before the next one hits.
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