The Housing Crisis: Who Shoulders More Blame?

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Who Shoulders More Blame?

  1. People who borrowed money they knew couldn't be repaid.

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  2. People who lent money they knew couldn't be repaid.

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  3. Both sides are equally to blame.

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  4. 100% of the blame falls on the lenders- The borrowers can't be blamed at all.

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  1. Stosh


    1. American voters (thus the gov't they elect).

    2. The Federal Reserve System

    3. The ratings agencies (S&P, Fitch, etc.).

    4. The American educational system.
  2. I knew a coke head that was getting eight grand for every loan he placed. He had lots of people scouring their neighborhoods for anybody at all that would fill out loan papers on a house. They left a lot of it blank, he filled in the numbers that he knew would work and he had his blow money. The people taking the loans had little understanding of what the deal was imo, they just saw a shot at buying a house and that was something they never dreamed they could do... one girl was making about minimum wage and she was in foreclosure after only about three months. I never found out what that was all about at all... the whole thing was just nuts....
  3. It's more like "Do I know the executives of the insurance company by first name?"
    "Yes I do, bailout"