The "hot woman, crappy stock" portfolio

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Cutten, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Ok, this is an idea I got after being inspired by a comment on another thread. The concept is to find the best shorts for 2009 by asking your hottest & trendiest ex-gf(s), current gf/mistress, or female friends what their favourite brands are. Then short the crap out of them.

    N.B. you should not use any fashionable but thrifty girls for this approach. If she knows how to look good in $30 stuff bought at charity shops, forget it. It has to be someone who would get wet at the thought of a $6k handbag.

    If we all do this then we should have a pretty good shorting list within the next week or so. Whaddya think?
  2. Great idea. I see your point. I recently read the 2-3k diamond consumer is pffftttt. Makes me wish I'd followed the news a little closer during fashion week.
  3. That approach was a slam dunk with LULU.

    Lululemon Athletica (hugely popular in Canada, not sure about penetration in the USA) makes ridiculously overpriced "yoga lifestyle clothing". Like apparently you need $120 stretch pants just to do yoga. Butts look great, and I make a killing in my (cough) paper trading account last year. :(
  4. LIZ has gone from over $20 less than a year ago to $2.73 today. I still feel that there is room to go down. Let's try for $1.75 in two months.
  5. Illum


    Sbux, and it's almost too easy. 9 a share? Please, see you under 3 in 6 months. I will lol when the numbers on their 1$ per cup instant come out. Disaster incoming.
  6. LOL at this thread :D

    Too bad we can't just short high-maintenance women
  7. Target met! In a week! That's a cool 36% for anyone who listened :cool:
  8. Put some more leverage to the downside on SBUX, I know a pricy girl who's hot on 4$ coffee.
    LULU was just the next CROX.
  9. Why do you have to steal my ideas ? :)
    You just come in and hijack my sh*t!

    That BKE got slammed on friday...look, Telsey said they are riding the ed hardy fad...$80 for a f'ing t-shirt? Geezus.
    What I've been doing for my "Trendy Stocks" thread (yes, TRLG is down nicely) is asking all of my 15-22yr old cousins. They've already given me some good ideas.
    I'll put them on my thread..not this copy-cat second rate thread! :)
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    My girlfriend loves the ultra-expensive shoes made by Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo... they might make good short plays...
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