The Horror Of The Stupidity Of This...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Guys, I think I'm ready to throw up. I just read AAAintheBeltway's opening post in the US waves white flag in Fallujah thread, specifically this quote:

    "Marine Capt. James Edge said a car screeched into the razor wire near the main Marine checkpoint into Fallujah and gunmen inside opened fire with assault rifles on the Americans. U.S. troops returned fire with a Humvee-mounted heavy machine gun, killing at least three of the auto's occupants, Edge said. A fourth person was wounded but it was not clear if he was in the car or a bystander, Edge said.

    "An AP reporter, however, saw U.S. soldiers open fire on a pickup truck at the checkpoint, killing a seven-member family trying to flee the city. It was unclear whether the accounts referred to separate incidents."

    And I've got to say, the structure of the stupidity of this endeavor to oust "terrorists, militants and other religious extremists" from Fallujah the way the US government has gone about it is SO different than what went down in Vietnam I am actually getting nauseated over it.
  2. They say the first causality of war is truth.
  3. Perhaps this ousting method was taken from the Waco ATF playbook.

  4. Well in this case the first was stupidity.