The Hong Kong Short - Full Video

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  2. At roughly 10,000 a Sq Foot for Residential RE, in 2018 was 11 according to Forbes... This graph shows the trend for Hong Kong, Corporate Bankruptcies by Monthly Volume. 20646 Corporate Bankruptcies in March 2019

    HK Corporate Bankruptcies.png
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  3. A new fan boy is born :D:D:D

    Perhaps you might want to judge your role models by their track records...

  4. Most of those bankruptcies are Chinese companies that have no impact on the local HK economy. They just happen to be registered in HK but virtually derive all their business activities from China

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    What is your process, of research, for ones track record ?


    What do you think about the channel as a whole ?
    Is their sources of information are reliable, or there's a lot of mud in between ?

    Thank you.


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  6. What's yours? Dickhead.
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  7. Simple, someone who got more calls right than wrong. Warran Buffet, Bill Gates, Grundlach, El-Erian,...

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  8. The Brit clique! :D:D:D

    How's the weather in Gibraltar?

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  9. Not sure what to answer... Real Vision over floods material, and has some horrible material with horrendous calls, guys like Luke Gromen or some UK guy from March 2018 video saying long china equities short US Dollar for 2018, US treasuries will yield 4-4.5 % by end 2018... Bass has had one of the worst calls ever made in Finance with JGB Collapse, his Critical Thinking isn't super high for a guy in his position, but he really knows china and HK, he is clearly obsessed with them. What he is saying on HK is data driven, given the very high majority of HK GDP is dependent on Services towards china, and if you look at where china is headed, add most leveraged in every sector, all other problems, then add massive capital flight due to Extradition Bill at end June.

    If Lam actually goes through and passes that bill end June, it'll result in a meltdown... HK is flashing red, 9th inning Lehman stage, it will severely collapse even without the Extradition Bill effect... Massive Capital flight is just over kill to their banking system, that bill will give Trump the right to consider HK like china, which HK has been told by Europeans and well as others, they will no longer be deemed different if they pass that bill. 25 % Tariffs and all the riff raff on china will also apply to HK, which doesn't at the moment cause they are considered different. Lam doesn't care, huge protest in HK right now to prevent that but she's a puppet, she will go ahead and do it.
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    I liked their conversation, learned a thing or two , yet o_O -

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