The "Holy Grail"

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  1. APHEXCOIL..... i been reading your posts with interest and based upon the info in this thread i will bet that you will be a successful trader. why? because you have learned to focus on price and momentum without concentrating on a bagful of silly indicators to distract you. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR TRADING
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  2. Thanks for the support. I am going to take a week off and relax and go out because I've had my head buried too deeply into the markets these past few weeks.

    I need to take a breather and some time off. It got to the point where I had 50 indicators in my head, looking at the charts and trying to find the answer to a perfect system and then, right before I almost went mad, I had a revelation that (for me, anyway), the answer is right there in the chart and price action and not all these indicators.

    I think TA almost made me snap. I would have been found in the looney bin drawing pictures of stochastics on the wall, or sketching momentum indicators of people as they walked by. Then, when people asked how I was doing, I would have been bobbing my head up and down going, "I need a signal! I need a signal! Where's the signal??"

    I'm so glad I'm out of this phase of my journey because the information overload just outright sucks. Now, I am just going to trade the plan I do have and work on the emotional aspects of my trading.

    5k might last a week or a month, but it will be educational.
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  3. nice goin' aphie

    you've reached a pretty good (not great) conclusion without having to lose $10k to reach it - that indicators, t/a etc. often (but not always) isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

    of course, so far you've been learning to swim by reading a book. time to jump in the pool. all that 'knowledge' will probably go out the window and you'll have to re-learn what you already knew... but you seem to have your head screwed on right (for the most part - and I don't say that to too many people), so you should get back on your feet pretty quick. (of course, you might also start clicking straight out of the gate, which is definitely possible)

    5k is a little on the light side, but barring any major disasters it is sufficient to make a start with..

    Go for it dude ---> LIVE THE DREAM!
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  4. Thanks for the support. I look forward to the day that I am no longer a "futures virgin."
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  5. ElCubano


    You're going to make me cry Daniel_M.......this isnt like you.....:D
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  6. cubano, i'm not a monster...i like to rip people down, yes...but i also like to build 'em up...(kinda like the marines:D )
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  7. I predict, just like a popped virgin, you will bleed when you start trading futures. If you can deal with the pain and blood loss, you might make it.

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    jeeeez thanks optional , that's put me right off my strawberry shake.

    Good luck aphie, you'll be great :)
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  9. OPTIONAL777,

    What's left, 777 -- A few years from now I'm a whore of the Futures market?
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  10. Actually the Holy Grail TA Indicator (tm) is 43. Or is that the meaning of life?
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