The Holy Grail to Nasdaq

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  1. Nope, I'm not joking. And most of those who read my posts know I'm not that full of BS:).
    In this thread, I will post my predictions for the market based on my holy grail.
    As of now, Holy Grail tells me Nasdaq is strongly bullish. Nasdaq 2145.08 as of now.
    Don't ask me what the Holy Grail is.(Pay $500,000 if you want to know now :D)
  2. does this grail give you short-term price targets? if so, what are you looking at for the naz?
  3. No targets. Nasdaq composite index.
  4. I thought you said nazi and im like huh?
  5. Exodus


    So what's the point of publishing this thread then?

    Does it make you feel good about yourself or are you just trying to convince YOURSELF?
  6. I don't need to make myself feel good. I make money, and that's good enough for the emotions. I don't need to convince myself either, I'm already convinced.
    The point? I might let everyone know later on what it is, but why tell everyone now. It'll ruin the fun. Besides discretionary traders aren't going to tell me what their system is.
    We'll see...
  7. lundy


    bullish for what? 1 tick? 1 day? 1 week? 100 points?

    i'm kinda bearish, so i am wondering what timeframe you are looking at.

    if it was 1 tick, I was bullish 2.

    have fun.
  8. You need to adapt your holy grail to your Gold futures predictions

    just giving you a hard time :D

  9. 2128.34 Naz.
    Rally seen today.
  10. hey, we'll see how it goes by the end of the day. This prediction business ain't easy :D
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