The Holy Grail of the Emini Futures

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    I started my own blog journal called "quest for the holy grail".
    It is located at:

    I thought pros and casual traders might find it interesting.
    Please add yourself as a follower.

    I am not revealing anything or selling a system. It is simply about my own history in trying to trade for a living. The ups and downs and the current progress of my system that is working very very well.

    I do not trade live yet due to working full time. I have plenty of live trading in my past, so the fear of real money will not be an issue for me when I resume.

    I am looking for those who would like to subscribe and follow its progress and offer positive suggestions. I would greatly appreciate advice from members who are trading for a living and can offer advice from P&L and tax perspectives. Lifestyle changes that can occur, risk management, retirement investing from profits etc.

    I am very structured, adverse to risk and hate gambling. If you can appreciate those traits I would especially like your advice.
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    If you hate gambling then why are you trading!
  3. I don't want to come across as cynical, but if the purpose of this thread is to merely boast about your system then it serves absolutely no purpose. And to call this thread "The Holy Grail to" is a tall order because there are some excellent ES traders who congregate here. If you think you have the mettle, visit the ES Journal and (at the very least) post your trades in realtime. We'll then decide for ourselves whether you do in fact possess the holy grail. :)
  4. The last Holy Grail I saw was a fake.......:D
  5. mtcx2009


    The blog was not meant to be a "boasting" blog at all. The "holy grail" title was supposed to be sarcastic or tongue in cheek.

    I use the blog to track the success or failure so I have a record. If I am excited over something that works very well I apologize.

    Trading is a misunderstood and solitary thing and at times its good to talk with other traders.

    This board is often negative and cynical, but I read and post here because I do believe real traders are here.

    The purpose was to possibly get real advice from other traders who might be trading a similar system that generates many small trades.

    I will check out the post you suggested.
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    I guess we can all debate gambling vs. calculated risk forever.

    I do not find playing cards, buying lottery tickets or slot machines enjoyable. I do not see a profitable edge there either.

    When I see patterns in indicators signaling profitable trades for months on end... and when they are averaging around 78% correct, I would say that's not gambling.

    I see a clear calculated, controllable risk there with a profitable edge.

    If that's more gambling than trading in your opinion, then we can agree to disagree.
  7. I enjoy following along with what other people are doing as trading is something that I've been following for a year or two with many different approaches and some failure and some success.

    But, just reading your blog and your journal, it's hard to follow along and be connected to what you're doing because I don't know what you're doing?

    Can you explain how you're taking trades, what you're doing?

    I see support, buying with the trend, and even what appears to be a Ross Hook on some of your screenshots.

    Do you ever post screens of the actual trades taken at least?

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    No, I will not be posting my own systems indicators for the whole world to see. I do post one trade a day that was a valid signal. I post net results of actual simutrading good or bad. I like to post the odd of more "exciting" signals.

    The only reason to follow along is to see how things go overall and how it may or may not effect someones dayjob, future, psyche and overall life. I am sharing my thoughts, fears, and hopes. I am not selling, teaching or doing anything other than sharing the life experience.
  9. I really wasn't asking you to post any indicators or systems you use. They're everywhere these days, so no shortage of them.

    Just curious as to what type of trading you're doing, i.e. trend follow, mean reversion, chart patterns, attempting to catch top/bottom, etc.....

    I think it's interesting how different people/personalities trade differently.

    At any rate, good luck with your trading bud! :)
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    Ah ok - its a little bit of everything. It gives signals with trend and against trend. Some signals are clear as bell, others are a bit loose. It catches a lot of top and bottoms. That was what drew my attention to it originally. I have never seen anything that did that so well, sometimes to the tick.

    The issue with it is that it catches many 1 point moves, but some of those become 5 point moves. So the internal debate I take my one point or try to get more?

    I have been tracking it based on 1 point profit.

    I think personality is a huge part of what system people gravitate towards. Right now for me mentally the 1 point in the bank is more calming than missing the 4 points is upsetting.

    I plan to improve upon that over time, but for now the many base hits are key for me in building confidence.
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