The History of Citadel's collapse

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  1. RedDuke


    What do you think are the odds that he will just close these 2 funds, and start a new. After all, he now needs to make 100% to hit high water mark.

    How many years will this take?

    John Meriwether was able to get new investors lined up very quickly after LTCM collapse. What would be Griffin incentive to make all these $ back?
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    I'm not sure of the market penetration for Internet Explorer on a normal Windows XP/Vista system, but any site creating content that doesn't go with the market leader do not deserve the right to get linked to. IMHO.
  3. I think its likely since the firm will not be making any money until they get back to their high water mark. Actually they will be losing money (all employees and overhead) until they get back to the high-water market.

    But I think Griffen will wait until the crisis starts to calm down. It would be a political disaster to shut down and reopen right away.

  4. they are smart, they will make it back
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    Down 50%. They had about 16 Billion. So they lost nearly 8 billion dollars of client money?

  6. How can they wait it out? No one has explained to me how you wait unless every last nickel is in tbills.