The History and the Future

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  1. The world will pass away.

    All those currently fighting for parcels of earth will turn their swords into plowshares as they exit.

    Comedy, tragedy...all the world is a stage...and we have merely been reactors.

    Each will come to his own conclusion, it just ain't worth it.

    Experience of the world is changed as perception of the world is changed.

    Before you can experience anything, it must first come into your mind.

    You can perceive that all experiences in the world are a gift to yourself.

    Even if the gift is a lesson in futility, it is valuable if it informs you of the valuelessness of the world. For to let the world go is not a loss at all.

    Therefore, the question is always, "what's in your wallet?"

    The mind is like a wallet with many little folds and crevices in which thought can hide out. These must be searched out and looked at if you wish to see where your experiences are flowing from.

    A troubled world indicates a troubled mind. This can be a gift to yourself if you let what you see tell you what is in your wallet. Even more if you use the information to clear your mind.

    The mere fact that troubles are even seen or heard of is an indicator of a troubled mind.

    A mind at peace is able to look beyond all of it, and know that it is safe and secure in it's experiences.

    Zionism, for example, tells us that there is part of our mind that is insanely devoted to believing the world is real. It indicates our own love for what is not real. This gives rise to perpetual conflict tending to spread throughout the mind, and therefore throughout the world.

    Prostitution tells us we still look for substitutes for love. They are in the world because the world itself is a kind of prostitute, an illusion of love that requires payment for every little thing it offers. We force the world to be our prostitute so long as we value the beliefs that keep it turning for our experiences. We have instead the opportunity to save the world by changing our thoughts about it.

    What is this illusion? It is the idea that there can be a victim.

    In reality, it is impossible for there to be a victim.

    This is not readily revealed, because thoughts are kept secret in hidden folds of the mind.

    But there is no such thing as a secret thought. Minds are joined and are cooperating at various levels.

    Here then is the world's greatest conspiracy.

    Nothing is experienced without full permission of all parties concerned.

    It is no different from a stage play or movie script. Nothing happens that is not scripted.

    Discovering this, the world loses it's glamour and appeal.

    This must not be discovered, lest the world lose it's power over you..lest it lose its audience and its revenue.

    A free mind will discover this, but not while it exerts all its ingenuity upon freedom of the body.

    The world seeks freedom for the body, always at the expense of the mind.

    Seek freedom of mind, and your body will be free also.

    The truth will set a mind free.

    But the problems of the world will keep a mind bogged down, exerting all its life force for the protection of the body.

    That is a trap.

    Actors may leave the stage anytime. Reactors must stay and play the villian or the victim over and over.