The Hindsight Thread.

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  1. This thread will be dedicated to hindsight charts and explanations of what price did. I will be focusing on ES, but everyone else can post charts about whatever they please as long as it's in hindsight.

    No anticipations or predictions allowed.

    Go to the ES journal, CL Redux or somewhere else for that.

    I'm going to bed now, but will post a chart tomorrow.

    Everyone is welcome to participate as long as they follow the guidelines.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. In hindsight, I wish last Thursday I predicted this thread starting today....

    Seriously, in hindsight, I wished I reversed my position in HOZ13 on Aug 29 instead of merely exiting my long.....
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    LF - I wonder how your trading will improve from this hindsight approach? just interested in your thoughts.
  4. Please post the insight to one type of set-up. Or at least highlight one type of set-up.
    Thanks for saving us time and efforts.
    Hand backtesting can be a real pain.
    :D :D :D
  5. Not sure it will, to be honest.


    Let's see after the market close, shall we?

  6. Only LF could author such an awesome thread.
  7. Here is some learner observations hindsight.

    hindsight is the fast track shortcut to learning to become an expert in about no time at all.

    40 calendar days about wraps it all up.

    Reading markets to take the full offer takes an alphabet, words, and sentences. The market composes and the trader READS.

    Hindsight is the best way to deduce the 21 letters.

    Hindsight shows exactly how the letters form 35 words.

    Finally, hindsight allows a person to deduce that the words form only four sentence structures.

    being armed with the seven sheets required for reference, then and only then does the trader go forward and READ.

    READING allows the full offer of the market to be taken all of the time.

    Traders do not do entry/exit when they have learned to READ. They do hold/reversal trading.

    All of the attachment is hindsight observations compared to daily learning goals.

    As you see it took one week to draw the conclusion which was on the table. Sorry about the lack of clarity, it had to convert to an old version of Word to get it into ET.
  8. Thank you for that document, Jack.

    I will read over it as soon as time permits.

    You have posted a lot here. If anyone would be interested in learning from you, do you have any suggestions of where to start beyond that document?

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    Is this kind of a before and after?
    At the start of my trading day I had trend lines here and here,
    TA indicators that seemed significant were so and so....

    and as the day developed...?
  10. To be honest, it was meant as a joke thread and a response to all the Monday morning quarterbacks and experts on this site.

    But maybe something useful will come out of it after all. Feel welcome to post a chart. :)
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