The Hindenberg Omen Is Here:

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  1. The big one is coming. The omen is HERE!!

    The Omen's Criteria

    • The daily number of new NYSE 52-week highs and the daily number of new 52-week lows must both be greater than 2.5% of the total issues traded that day.

    • The smaller of the 52-week highs and lows must be greater than or equal to 79 (or 2.5% of 3,168 issues).

    • The NYSE's 10-week moving average must be rising.

    • The McClellan Oscillator, a measure of market fluctuations, must be negative.

    • New 52-week highs can't be more than twice the new 52-week lows. (However, it is acceptable for the new 52-week lows to be more than double the 52-week highs.)
  2. yes but it didnt come to fruition this time seemed to be a head fake.
  3. It seems like a lot of these types of things have been failing recently. This might be a little better than the famed 'death cross' though.
  4. There needs to be a confirmation. A second omen within 2-4 weeks of the first. I saw the same thing in 08 in June. Then it was confirmed. I think the difference is, the fed is printing money now, so they will be buyers in any major downside this time. In 08, the banks were all insolvent, so the omen was a given. Now, there's too much government intervention. We may get a rough bear market into the fall, but no crash with the fed engaged in QE.
  5. Sounds more like the Hiddenberg A.U.M.en!
  6. LOL at Feb being able to prevent the crash. remember May 6th?
  7. joe4422


    Although conditions for the Hindenburg Omen have been met previously without a subsequent stock market crash, there has never been an actual crash without it being preceded by a Hindenburg Omen.

    See if you read more, then you'll understand more. It doesn't mean that there will be a crash, and it there's not a crash it doesn't mean it's wrong, it just means that it's setting up for one.
  8. There has never been a crash without a Friday at some time occuring before it. (You don't beleive me, check the calender. Fridays occur with a weekly regularity).

    Discuss or explain to us why these Hindenburg occurrences have a correlation with a crash.
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