The higher it goes, the harder it falls....

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    The pullback should be semi-suicidal for those who went long
  2. Pullback?

    What's that?
  3. How long have we been saying this?

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    But this time, there is serious problems with the global bonds arena and it looks like the rest of Western Europe is going to feel the downgrades from ratings agencies on their debt levels.....
  5. Please be specific about the timing of the pullback. :cool:
  6. I saw The Colber report couple of days ago

    he said in March temperature was 30 and now it's 60

    if we continue to grow with the same pace we will reach 200 degrees by August:D
  7. People still pay attention to ratings agencies?
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    I think when it comes to sovereign debt/economic health - yes

    When it comes to companies, less so === due to the obvious conflict of interest - which is absent with respect to national ratings
  9. Well if they do - they shouldn't.

    Ratings agencies are incompetent and there is no less conflict of interest with soverieigns as there are companies in my opinion. Why does the USA have such a high rating still?

  10. For real, don't no what that is.
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