The high cost of poverty: Why the poor pay more

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  1. clacy


    A quote from the aticle.........

    "Time is money, and both are in short supply"

    Bullshit. Most poor (not talking workin class, but poverty) have nothing to do all day but sleep, eat, watch TV and make more babies.
  2. pspr


    Once in that mode of life style, there is no time left in the day for work, let alone looking for work.

    Uncle Obama will tax those who have nothing better to do with their lives but work and start businesses so those in the poverty rut can comfortably stay there.
  3. nsideus


    This article fails to mention the great equalizer, welfare.

    If you're in poverty you pay very little in income tax, yet other people's taxes pay for your core expenses.

    Food stamps cover most if not all your monthly food bill. If you have young children, WIC will help out even more.

    Medicaid pays for your children's healthcare.

    Government subsidized housing will reduce your rent significantly.

    Not to mention the other random low-income benefits you get on other bills, like programs that reduce your electricity bill, reduce your cost for public transportation, etc.

    Poor people are poor because they are lazy and/or ignorant. It's no one's fault but their own.
  4. The poor pay more for milk? There's a reason for that. They trash their neighbourhoods and rob stores in the ghetto. So, guess what? There are fewer stores and they have to charge more.

    That article is so stupid. If the poor got off their ass and actually produced something, they wouldn't be poor anymore. The middle class pays for its lifestyle.

    And TIME as a cost? When have the unemployed welfare dependents ever been short on that? Time spent procuring diapers for your sixth kid is only a really noticeable cost if you could be doing something more productive with it - like working.

    You'd think that if these people are so inconvenienced by their poverty they'd, you know, get a job and become less poor.
  5. Mnphats


    Yup you said it, watch tv. We (US) have no idea what poverty really is.
  6. Good job crgarcia, you've got the race haters out in rare from tonight.

    The reasons for poverty in America (or any other country for that matter) are multi-facted. Some of the problems exist in the past, others exist in the present and permeate every aspect working, social and personal life that we experience in America.

    It is at best sad, and at worst extremely ignorant that none of you people grasp the fact that there are two sides to this coin, and blaming a group of people who are victims of both external (historical, societal, financial) and internal (cultural, group and lack of good guidance).

    But don't feel bad about yourselves, I've heard worse in church.

    Good trading, if you should find anything of value about it, on this website.
  7. I knew the argument would be

    1. Blame Bush
    2. Racist posters

    BTW, maybe I missed it, but I didnt see race mentioned until your post.

    Did you hear BamBam's mortgage foregiveness speech? Now that I have worked hard and paid-off my modest home, I get to pay off a fucking liar-loan MCMansion for an idjit that bought a home he couldnt afford and probably never will be able to afford.

    BamBam is the devil. BamBam will own this depression.
  8. clacy


    Where was race even mentioned mandlebrotset?

    I'm no fan of wellfare deadbeats regardless if they're white, black or anything in between.

    Are there historical/sociological reasons for poor people being poor? Sure. How do you solve these past injustices though?

    Certainly not by crying about it and voting yourself a wellfare raise from Obama.

    If you want to change you and your family's future in this country, you have to get off your ass and find a way to be productive in this country. That stands for all races.
  9. Hey guys (and I have nothing but respect for TripleQBall), race is mentioned in the article, as there are, not one, but three (yes, count them three) pictures of black people to go along with the reporting.


    I know it's difficult for you to believe, but everything I said holds true, as, with human beings, perception is reality ...and it's a good thing for you that you are never percieved as being one of the people in those aforementioned pictures.

    P.S. I do hope you guys read the article...
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