The Hershey Scare

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  1. Was all that stuff, including the link to Rosenthall, a hoax or the real deal? All the threads seem to have evaporated.
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    Jack Hershey threads have a very short life expectancy.

    Why are you mods here? What is your purpose? There is not one bit of damage done to this community by discussing Jack Hershey's software, but you guys are running around like you're playing bop-a-mole nuking before something horrible happens. I guess I can't really see the point of having a discussion forum who's purpose seems to be to limit discussion.
  3. Why?
  4. hughb


    Somebody here with the power to nuke threads doesn't want any negative discussion, or even remotely un-positive discussion about Hershey. He must be paying protection money. :p
  5. Maybe because the software in question isn't owned by Jack Hershey. By (as you suggest) keeping the discussions 'open' (started by one indivdual under various usernames), the company which produced the software would then receive free advertising - which we all know doesn't work on ET.

    No conspiracy theories (or 'protection money) here - just simple common sense.

    - Spydertrader
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    What you people don't seem to get is that the issue isn't that Jack Hershey is the subject of the threads, the issue is that there is one troll using multiple aliases, starting multiple threads, all on the same subject. How many JH threads were there this morning about the same damn thing? How many do we need? It's nothing more than spam by a fruitcake who is as much of a freakshow as the subject of his obsession.

  7. Reaver aka HamptonsTrader aka RACERG3XR (all banned from my Journal btw)?