The Heretics of Finance

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  1. I noticed today that this book has been released

    has anyone seen an advance copy of it ?

    -The Heretics of Finance-

    -Conversations with Leading Practitioners of Technical Analysis-

    -Andrew W. Lo-
    -Jasmina Hasanhodzic-

    -Bloomberg Press-
  2. Mentioned this in a thread a while back.
    I was not impressed with the roster of candidates they chose to interview (Pretcher, Acompora, etc...), except maybe
    Raschke. Surprised Lo would stoop to this level (even though it was a student that pretty much did the leg work).
    Absolutely nothing scientific in there.

    Commentary like, it works no matter what they say, pretty much sums it up IMO.

    Please chime in if I missed something useful, as I didn't feel the desire to read every word.

    Big Thumbs Down.

    P.S. Rashcke is also interviewed in TASC or Active Trader this month.