The Head of the Mouse or the Tail of the Lion?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cy_M, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Once upon a time, one of the gold diggers here could finally get lucky and hit a gold streak or better yet might get as close to THG as a trader could get. That cost him a couple of decades of R&D and a TON of money, so where does he go with it now? Trade his own account and become rich in a couple of years and then filthy rich in a decade and fulfill a dream to become the head of the mouse or take the system foolproof it by demonstrating it’s capabilities real time day after day to potential Hedge funds until even the most skeptics of the observers would become convinced etc. and eventually expose the hard earned secrets and become the Tail of the Lion and enjoy the fast lane life, fame and recognition.
    This is a none BS serious question, just take it for it's face value for now and give your best opinion and advise as to what would you do under the same circumstances?
  2. I would definitely, absolutely and without a doubt trade my own account. I am sure the money would be nice from selling it to the IB, but I am not in it for the money. I am in it to prove to the world what I am capable of and what I could achieve.

    Selling my system to someone would just give away my glory to the IB.
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    Suggest you exploit it for all it's worth, as fast as you can.

    Market success tends to be transitory. Just because you've figured out something for now does not mean it will be any good later.

    Now I, on the other hand....
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    thanks your straight forward response. Now a couple of questions, first regarding the Glory, that is exactly what is very important to me too but, trading your own account, who and how will ever know about you? other than watching you get rich and no one ever knowing the genius behind the work and, the other issue is the whole world’s going at it and will sooner or later get there too and thus one idea is to continue with the ever ongoing R&D with the backing of the Lion so your HG could keep up with the changes.
    Then, there is so much urge to share the findings with people who could appreciate it and you could do brainstorming with.
    At the end of the film, Amadeus, the guy was complaining to God as to why he just gave him the ability to recognize and appreciate the music more than anyone else but give all the talent to make the music to Mozart?
    What you say is quite true if our work could have been presented as music is, but what if Mozart had to keep his music secret and only play for his own personal pleasure but still get paid for it huge?
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    that's not fair you kept the best part from us..please share what you have or would have done?
  6. I guess, to me, no one really need to know. The glory is all from knowing that I could do what most other couldn't do, and that I have reached my highest potential. That is all.

    However, if I decided that I want to make myself known, I could start a hedge fund/trading operation pretty much like what Steven Cohen did, but then I don't think it is of my best interest to be famous.
  7. You mean what Gnome is currently doing? :)
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    yeah, :) , I guess I should have known already but I'm new here...