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  1. Hi folks,

    i wanna ask if here is someone who trades with similar trade managment like i do.......:confused: :confused:

    What is it about ?
    Its about what should i do according to my rules and what i do in reality, because of the holy time factor. And i do better this way.
    Let me explain it....

    1. The basis trade managment strategy of a standard trade.
    -> minimum win target.
    -> let profits run over the minimum target as far as the markets give you more...
    -> Exit on your Exit Signals, dont use fixed Limit prices. let the market go.....
    2. The way i do.......
    for example, typicall situation under the week....
    -> i have one trade on the line and price is about my minimum target, so far so good. Now basis trade managment rules say, let it go so far as possible...
    -> At the same time i have 2 or 3 Trade Setups that have just started and i could go in now.
    -> So, now i close my first trade at the minimum target level and take that profit and enter on the new trade with the standard risk + the risk what was the profit of trade 1. Ok not too much, it must fit to my account level. allright, but i risk then more as with the first trade.
    -> The reason is, that i am able to make that over and over again, until the last days of the week or month, depending on trading style, and the later the trades in the week or month, the higher the probability that i decide to let the trade go.
    -> Of course i let some trades go. But if its early in the week or month, i tend to switch positions so often as possible, so long open trade have minimum target already reached.

    With this doing, i make money much much more quicker, as i would with just trading every trade until the end.

    Thats my advanced trade managment. Time managment factor.
    Oppurtunity cost terminator.

    The thing here is that i need free money for new trades and thats why i have to close the current open ones, bcuz i usually take on big positions, so a lot of my capital is blocked anyway when i do a trade.

    But finally its all about the time factor, i just make more money in shorter time this way, than i would NOT otherwise.

    Are here any pro trader who do this too ???

    What are your opinions ???
    Do you prefer the "basis trade managment style" or the "timefactor trade managment style" ???

    Thank you,

    best regards

    :D :D :D
  2. the 2 methods make no diff, but to really learn how to trade manage.
    imagine yourself as a fruit seller, how do they operate is how you should operate your stock inventory.

    the key is not to sell at the best prices, but to deplete your inventory at good prices before they go bad. Fruits expire , Stocks whip.
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    The day I employ a strategy that involves hating risk is the day I will walk away from the stock market.
  4. of course they are different. extemely different. better read my staring post again......

    comparison to trading fruits is bullshit, i dont trade futures until they expire anyway. or you meant when the fruits go bad, price move is in the end, well this is the highest point to sell...........

    the question i asked, is what is better, to trade every trade to the end or switch between more trades at the same time to make more money in a shorter time.

    got it ???

    better keep loving your risk and keep loosing................
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    sincerly yours,
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  9. I re-read your post , still the fruit selling method applies.

    The #2nd method is equivalent to you being a fruit stand owner, and goin back to the wholesaler every 30 minutes to buy apples at a 0.03 cent difference, yes you make a little more money, but its better if you sat at your stand and sell your fruits that you bought all at once carefully and to the highest bidder.

    intstead of trying to price improve your inventory.
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    ok, i got what you mean.
    But of course you cant now what is my minimum target and my average profit when i let the profit run, in relation with my risk/profit rate.

    My average profit when i let the profit run over my minimum target is not really very much more profit, just a little bit, about 1 - 2 times the risk, i ve risked on the trade.

    So by saying that, it is for me more profitable to switch my positions when my minimum target is reached. More profitable in time....
    Time is very important, to increase my profits and reach and top my goals i ve set for the week and month....

    I only do this of course, early in the time phase of the average appearing of the most entry scenarios and of course only if i have new entry available that is comparable to the trade i already have on the line.....

    When it is late in the time phase i always let it go until the end....because the odds that new entrys will appear are under there is no reason any more to switch for quicker profit....

    Another factor, is that i sometimes put two trades together in the risk managment and count their risk as one. of course this only is useful for shorter time frame trades, otherwise its just too much time in work, if i should loose and must make the money back,step by step.....

    But thank you for your opinion, i understand your point....

    Best regards and good trading
    :) :) :)
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