The Hate on XIV, SVXY is Unfounded

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  1. Who is denying facts? Whether you agree with the status quo or not, it's still the status quo. You can get as deontological as you want here, but insurance / tort law is a matter of law; not opinion.
    The question is pretty simple a straight forward, in the absence of clear and sole negligence on one party, who is more apt to pay--those who are in the business providing the public accommodation or those who are spending their money to frequent it. The counter argument to your point is that the business is voluntarily providing this service. Keeping in mind that we lack the health care and social safety net that would spread most of the damages and lost wages risks among the nation generally.
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    All law is a matter of opinion... And if the law is wrong, the people should react to it. That is what the U.S. was founded and based on. But it is increasingly following the same path as every other shithole in the world, where a few idiots from government impose whatever they want to the people and they simply accept it, saying that it is the "status quo".
    I tried to avoid that stupidity in your previous post, but you came up with this crap again... That's just leftist nonsense. So reality simply doesn't matter anymore, it's just a matter of who has more money. The one who has more money has to pay it, period. It doesn't matter who is responsable, when in doubt, just check who is richer and make them pay.
    What a load of crap...
    Typical leftist dream...
    There is no point is arguing with people like this...
    I'm done here.
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  3. People who have facts? :p

    I'm happy to drop it here too...we have hijacked almost a full page of this thread (not that there weren't enough VIX threads already)
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  4. It is not unusual for people trading an instrument without a slight understanding of what they are doing and then blaming the instrument.

    For the record: XIV and SVXY behaved exactly as designed. There was more than enough information on the internet to understand how those products are designed to work. But many traders treated those products as license to print money for many years, without understanding the risks.

    If you knew what you are doing, you could actually make a gain even after SVXY collapsed 90%.
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