The hate of a man directed at another man, because of better trading results, Unbeliv

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  1. There is a man on ET, seemingly decent helpful poster (uses options a lot), as soon as he heard that I do better than him when it comes to return on account. He started attacking me in every way possible though PMs. Turns out his wife left him, but to take it out on your fellow ET member, sad state of affairs.

    His name is Spindr0 :D
  2. care to join in Spindr0 and explain yourself :p
  3. its a shame people like Spindr0 ultimately hurt themselves, their wives leave them

    and their friends ignore them, soon they have no friends
  4. I've witnessed this before. These guys are super Type A's. Their egos just overwhelm their sensibilities and ability to make good judgments.
    A couple of bad trades in a row, and they're total lunatics.
  5. Another reason I like trading at home with the cat in my lap instead of at a brokerage listening to all the cowboys.

    You make 1/2 ES point more than they do and they want to know what system you're using to get the edge.

  6. did c-kid/cold/whatever name he wants find a way to get back on here?
  7. you are totally right, and some of these guys are older geezers which makes it more funny
  8. absolutely absolutely :)
  9. CET


    What is even worse than what you say he did it this pathetic thread. Get some help.
  10. I think OP has a good point actually, lot of haters in this business, you are probably one of them. As if this biz wasn't hard enough you have haters coming in just to hate.

    how disturbing
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