The Happiness Formula

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  1. H=Tr*(2t)^2-(1g)^2+Rl*(2g)^2-(1t)^2;


    (H) - Happiness;
    (Tr) - Trading;
    (Rl) - Real Life;
    (g) - give;
    (t) - take.


  2. Why try to change the biblical formula that has always worked? :)

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    A corollary of this aphorism is ... give up trading


    because you will not be doing unto the other side of the trade as the other side would do unto you, i.e. a good trade as per this aphorism is when both parties win - fat chance of that in this dog eat dog world.

    :) :D
  3. lindq


    That's an interesting obvservation. When applying the Golden Rule, one has to be very selective!

  4. Oh yes, and there is yet another corollary ...

    Do ANY action with the objective being .....

    the greatest good or benefit for the greatest number of dynamics

    So, applying this to TRADING, you can see that it fails instantly for obvious reasons.

    That is why TRADING is a very low order of magnitude creative activity in the larger scheme of things because the counter-party is always getting fcked and it is no excuse that the winner does not know who the loser is - the loser might have a family with small kids and they suffer from the loss because the trader is most likely the father or mother and hence the driver of the family ship. That's quite a few people being adversely affected - i.e. several dynamics adversely affected.

    I applied this concept in SALES in the real world and its made a whopper of a difference to well-being ......

    this is how I apply it ...

    I could use superior firepower and intelligence to have the prospective customer eating out of my hand and I DO - but then in the close at a higher price, I always drop down to the level where HE, the customer is thoroughly satisfied that HE got a deal, that HE stole the deal.

    He's happy and although I gave away some profit, I'm happy that he is happy and that I fulfilled my dynamic to service the public regarding the excellence of the product I believe in wholeheartedly - and we both win.

    That's the kind of sale I like and can live with and sleep well at night.
  5. It was never changed:D

    You just take a little bit more then you give in trading and give a little bit more then you take in the real life:eek:

    Hey, What a world,
    Oh-Oh-oh what a life
    What a life and what a world riddle,
    What a life and what a riddle world

    I got the world on a string,
    I’m sitting on a rainbow
    I got that string around my little finger .......
    :D :D