The Hangover Shower

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    Start w/your normal shower. After you're feeling nice and scrubbed clean, start turning the hot water up and the cold down. Gradually build it to as hot as you can stand it, then crank it up some more, steaming. Stand under this for a few minutes, then start turning the hot down and the cold up. Gradually keep going until the hot is all the way off and you're standing under a freezing cold shower. Wake up those pores, girls! After a few minutes of this, jack the hot back up and the cold down, but quickly this time until you're again standing in a steam fog. Then just as quickly reverse so you're almost instantly in ice cold heaven. Repeat a few more times, as necessary.

  2. Hangovers are for amatuers. They are caused by stress. The stress of the night.

    If your normal routine in the evening is to fish and drink beer you are not going to wake up with a hangover.

    If you decide to invite 50 friends over plus strippers play music and drink, you will wake up with a hangover.
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    Veteran barflies rarely get hangovers. You can vaccinate yourself against hangovers with food, water and sleep. Eat a huge meal before you start partying, (don't fall for the bread myth, it doesn't soak up the alcohol like amateurs say it does), a big greasy, rich meal like a dbl whopper w/cheese combo meal. Order a bottle of water with your drink and sip it all night. And get a nap before you go out, very important.
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    spicy food also helps
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    is this for curing a hangover? or some skin care something or other?
  6. You lose electrolytes and potassium from drinkiing. You need to eat two banana's and a couple teaspons of honey. You need fructose, try a couple pears or peaches. Drink gatorade if your thirsty during the night or when you are done drinking.

    Before drinking, you need complex carbohydrates, pasta for instance.
  7. Oysters on the half shell with some hot sauce..mmmmmmnnnn:D
  8. BTW, grape juice is very good for your liver. Apple cider vinegar, and garlic will help your blood pressure from all the drinking. This message brought to you by Dr Stunata - drink and stay healthy.
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    You make it sound like work.

    Catch a buzz, then eat. Once you eat, you are done drinking. Never have a hangover.

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    Actually, the best thing for hangovers is to do a full hour of vigorous cardiovascular exercise at least 5 days a week. After a while you won't get hangovers anymore.

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