The handsomest ET trader

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. take off the toupee and put on some deodorant...please
  2. alright marketmr... you're officially a bona fide idiot.

    hopefully this wil get you're ass banned.
  3. Max Pain

    Max Pain

  4. The handsomest? No... The most pathetic... Yes!
  5. KavMan



    He can't be banned!
    He is HUGE!!!!!!

  6. cheeks


    I hope.
  7. Mr. Market you are the man!!! :p :D

    Danny boy,
    Get a sense of humor bro...
  8. ALICE


    Can I vote twice? Oh I guess not that wouldn't be fair now would it. :) Besides, you don't need any help with your score do you MrMarket? LOL.

    Please don't take this the wrong way ...but do you have any pics from the waist down .. you know... the legs ..just curious.:)

    Your friend,

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