the hampster, ZEW, spread adventures and flashes

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by Wallace, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. at 20 to the hour i looked at the economic calendar and noted the ZEW would be released
    on the hour, 15 minutes later, calendar forgotten i decided to enter a euro short - usually i
    don't enter a trade on the hour changeover, it's like stepping on cracks

    price fell and as i watched, the profit in the ticket window suddenly reduced, the hampster
    woke up, squeeked, jumped and started pounding the treadmill - i remembered - the ZEW
    then saw Oanda's spread had gone to 10 pips ! ! ! gulp, gulp, gulp

    how long would the 10 pip spread last ? would the price rocket reverse and cause a loss ?
    should i close the trade now ? i could see the hamster glaring at me - 'decide, decide,
    make up your mind' he panted - i did, a profit after closing the trade at a spread of 4 pips

    i use the forexfactory calendar and discovered there are 'flash' releases:
    "Data is given to Thomson Reuters subscribers 2 minutes before the public release time
    listed on the calendar - early market reaction is usually a result of trades made by these
    subscribers." isn't that cheating ?

    didn't someone have a bootleg means of obtaining 'flash' info, tapped the line or something
    anyone got a link . . .