The hacks are back

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PoundTheRock, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Well here we are folks. Congress reconvenes today to spend all of your money as well as your debt :D. And the President wants to join the party, too. How about another 10% increase in discretionary spending? Oh yeah, let's throw another billion to NASA. Man, have they got their act down. Kill a few astronauts every decade and then turn up the spending nozzles on the sympathy play. Hey, howzabout we send a man to the moon? What a friggin' great idea!

    Maybe today we'll get to see 65-year old Senator Fartpants whine about how seniors have to pay their $35 per month Medicare premium. Shit, I pay $382 per month - I say that ole bag Grandma Colostomy on 23 medications should pay nothing! Do whatever it takes to keep 'em alive because I am willing to pay infinitely more for their care.

    I sure hope the Senate has quorum today. Unfortunately, they'all running for President. Poor Connecticut - they've had only one Senator for about 6 years now with Joe Charisma Lieberman running for every imaginable office. But boy, you've got to love those whip-smart American voters. Senator Edwards is shooting up in the polls because the majority of Iowa women voters thought he was "good looking". Never mind that he is bought and paid for by the Trial Lawyers Association.

    Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for politicians. They are the last to get it. They don't see the signposts of a California default, a South Korean credit crunch, etc. Happily, they gave themselves a nice health plan, pay raise, and pension plan (which would make even Dick Grasso blush) before the shit comes down. The lurching ride up has been fun, but as we all know, the best part of the rollercoaster is yet to come.
  2. LOL You should be penning a column somewhere :p
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  4. Pound,

    You are SO right about those scumsucking parasites. The idea that John Edwards is remotely qualified to be president is hilarious. His resume is two lines long. Maybe Brad Pitt or Richard Gere should be running. They're at least as well qualified and better looking.
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    Yes wait until they throw in Lieberman and Clinton at the primary vote......Democrats sure are a sorry bunch. Guess they aren't going to put up their best stuff when they have little chance of unseating the incumbent. :eek:
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    Seems like we have a smaller two-party system now. One party wants Big Government and are a bunch of tax-and-spenders. The other wants Big Government and are a bunch of taxcut-and-spenders. Geez.

    And of course, about half the country votes for one gang of thieves and the other half vote for the other crooks. Libertarians (the biggest party that does not believe in a huge, bloated, cradle-to-grave caregiving government) get what? 1% of the vote?

    So that tells us the government is only going to get bigger and bigger, and more and more intrusive. When we retire, we're gonna look at the government that employs half the people in the country and wish it was "tiny" like it is today. And the government will record that look and that thought.