The guy who treadmills while he trades

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jtnet, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. jtnet


    Just got the newest trader monthly, has an article about a guy who walks on a treadmill while he trades, because his "heart rate is already preoccupied"... sounds fun.
  2. teck


    I do too but its because my back cant take sitting in a desk chair for more than 15 min. I alternate between sittin and walking . My treadmill is directly in front of my screens just behind my chair.Ive had so many back injuries my back is in a permanent state of inflamation this and advil around the clock allows me a fairly normal day, but not many would do it.I didnt think about the heart rate benefits.
  3. Surdo


    How about the portfolio manager Ping Jiang, at SAC Management that wanted his trader to be less agressive.... so he tried to control the blood flow to his trader's genitals by forcing him to take female hormones. He made Trader's Monthly also.
  4. teck


    Seems just a little extreme ....when i was in Thailand yrs ago we saw a group of extremely sexy girls in mini skirts showing off at a little outdoor bar opposite the one we were sittin at... they had beautiful thighs and perfect tear drop asses, much to or shock they were what were called "ladyboys" they had been on female hormones since puberty . No we didnt get envolved with