The Guy from RealTimeFutures is AMAZING!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Equalizer, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Mr Ben Lichtenstein who does the S&P500 Squawk on is AMAZING! How he can keep that pace, virtually non-stop is almost beyond belief.

  2. pay me $800/month and i'll talk all day for you too.
  3. $125/month. Where did you get $800 from? LOL :D

    Besides, I doubt too many can commentate on the Pit trading action that fast for prolonged periods.
  4. He is ok. The guy from Trade the news is 20 times better.
  5. Thanks. I'll check them out. Couldn't find the subscription rates on their Website though???
  6. You mean the guy from Fade the news. The one that you cannot even understand what stock ticker he is saying half the time.
  7. Can we pay you $800 a month to stop posting worthless threads?
  8. That service has gone so far downhill in the last few years. It's so damn infuriating to hear those dopes read out news that's already minutes old.

    Their new name should be "Treat This As An Update News".
  9. I more interested in the S&P500 Pit action - not stock news.
  10. Ebo


    I nearly spit my Vodka and Tonic on the keyboard!

    That was beautiful.
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