The guy from Harvard will always have the Holy Grail...

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  1. The thing about having a degree from Harvard is that you never ever fail. You can tank an account at an investment bank, you can be a horrible fund manager, but at the end of the year they still leave you with something. Even if you get outright fired, then there are many other industries out there to join with your Harvard degree.

    On the other hand, if you lose as an at home trader then you truly lose. The guy from Harvard can list JP Morgan or wherever he was a before on his resume...however, you cant simply put down "day trader".

    So the guy from Harvard will always have the Holy Grail. Get an education..get an education from a good well known and respected school like Harvard. Forget about lower tier prop firms or daytrading at home. That will not work!
  2. Been tiresome for a while now. Ignored.
  3. You have massive self-esteem issues.
  4. 1) Do you attend BU or BC? :confused:
    2) You neglected to mention that EVERYBODY at Harvard graduates atleast magna cum laude. :eek: :( :mad: :D

  5. " Harvard alumni caught out by the credit crunch include John Thain and Stan O'Neal, both of whom earned their spurs at Harvard only later to trip over them at Merrill Lynch.

    Hank Paulson used Harvard to catapult himself to the heights of chief executive of Goldman Sachs and then US Treasury Secretary, only to prove how painful a fall from such heights can be.

    The list goes on, Rick Wagoner, the man who has overseen a 95% fall in General Motors' share price, was at Harvard, as was perhaps its most infamous alumni Jeffrey Skilling, former chief executive of Enron, later convicted of fraud, conspiracy, misrepresentation and insider trading linked to the collapse of the energy company............"

    and so it goes..........

    you have paranoid delusion with a complete lack of backbone and discipline.

    your handle on this forum is a sign of failure.

    true traders are challenged and rise to the crest with tenacity and an iron will to succeed.

    Harvard grads. et al. never make it in this game or any other.

    the old boyz club is stocked with failure after failure.

    book smart doesn't cut it.


  6. I will never understand why emg comes to a trading site to tell traders that they can't win.

    It like going to a church on Sunday morning and saying there is no God.
  7. Did you ever wonder why when you get off the Red Line at Harvard Square there are lots of homeless but when you get off at Kendall (near MIT) there are no homeless?

    It's because Harvard graduates like to stay near their school

    The harsh reality is that most Harvard graduates are spectacularly unsuccessful. Most Harvard graduates I know have been unemployed for more than two years and have no jobs skills other than saying "I graduated Harvard"
  8. +1 I'll never understand the amount of negativity on this site. Maybe Mom was right. "when someone can't do something, they'll be sure to discourage those who are trying."

    By the way, I personally know a Yale grad who is selling Visalus for a living. So sad...
  9. there you have it......

    momma's boys with no backbone or skillzzzz.

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