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    Shit. I had a pretty decent edge in one market since last autumn, was sizing up lately but the guy on the other side has figured it out. No more fills today, it had begun last week... Can't people stay dumb forever?

    I was making 500-1000 $ a day out of it, more than half what I make daily.


    Back to work. This is not coming back...

  2. What product ?
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    Don't want to tell. Still trying to figure out how to make money of the phenomenon even if the most "clear" edge is gone. Once it's really done, I will tell about it if you want.

    I know... My thread doesn't add much value...LOL
  4. Stocks , Futures ?
  5. Happens all the time, mine lasted more than a few months though.
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    It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I just lost more than half my current income on a "aha" moment from some dumb institutional( because of size ) execution trader. In in-depth, I am quite sure I would have figured it out faster than him...
  8. What are you talking about?!
    The Futures market is the purest market in the world. There are no MMs, specialists, or "insiders".
    Maybe the market dynamics changed and the system is not as effective. Or perhaps your FCM was taking the opposite side of your position and didn't want to eat larger losses after you "increased size". But there is no way there is "a guy on the other side" if your orders actually went to the open market.
    Unless you were trading a niche market like Rough Rice or something like that.
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    There are MMs in some futures market, they are called LMMs. I was just able to spot a player in one market and I can tell you it was the same one on the other side of my trades for the last 5 months...You can spot players in liquid markets too, it's just harder.

  10. There is normally more than 1 player in 1 market; what stops you from continuing with another player ??

    And don't tell me they all stopped making markets because of you :)
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