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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by DB101, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Right to the point...I've been using what I consider "play" money
    for a year with success. It is now time to really put my *** on the line. I trade currency fulltime. I am broker suspicious to a falt and am wavering constently on this critical committment. After maintaining accounts with FXsol, Oanda, and ACM I have experienced the drawbacks first hand. I no longer have the time or patience to switch platforms yet again. I want this to be my last stop and concentrate on the task at hand. My current decision is EFX/MB Trading with Amibroker or Esignal. I also considered IB. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    try hotspot euro .
  3. I would agree. I will probably switch over to them. Financially sound firm, backed by Knight Capital. They also pay interest on unused funds. Commissions are a bit more expensive than IB ($30/mio), on the other hand they dont produce a neverending stream of horror-stories on the boards. More flexible position sizing 'soon', according to one of their sales reps.
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    hotspot euro they don't except u.s. customers, i like that platform more then i like there u.s. platform also they give euro client direct hotspotfxi price feed.
  5. I dont think the Hotspot EU retail prices are from FXi, they are the same like on the old platform that is still available on the american site.