The greener pastures of Dell Coupons

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hefty1, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. hefty1


    Anybody ever have this happen...

    You order a Dell system using a certain coupon, say $500, check back a few days leter seeing a better coupon, say $750.

    You call dell asking them to honor the better coupon, only to be stone walled by numerous Panama City call center drones asking what u think they should do about it?

    If this has happened to you, were you ever able to get past the call centers and get them to honor the coupon?
  2. ok, a few months ago, there were some superb dell bargains.

    ive done the math recently... i can build a better system than dell now. how about that... just a few months ago, w/ dell rebates and higher lcd costs, dell was the way to go. not today.
  3. I feel your pain, I just ordered a system using dell's $750 coupon, only to discover a week later that the same system is running around $100 cheaper!

    This also happened to me on airline tickets over Thanksgiving, at least the Airline did the honorable thing and refunded the difference.
  4. i agree i bought 3 dell 4700 and dell 300's and 5 1905 un ltrasharp lcd's in the feb to april period. i got my 1905 much cheaper than dell offers it today. dells bargains stink the last 4 months as hpq is kicking there but on deals
  5. tomcole


    Why is it honorable to refund the difference?

    If you bought IBM at X and then it trades down to Y, do you get a rebate? NO!!

    Stop whining for God's sake.
  6. hefty1


    I complain because I don't like to waste money. Any trader can relate to that. I have had numerous occaisons where the retailer has honored a coupon. HD, for example... I bot a table saw and it went on sale soon afterward (w/in a week). HD refunded the difference.

    These dell coupons pop up randomly... and I'm not talking about seeing the coupon months later... this is a matter of days.
  7. hefty1


    I think thats the way to go dor my next desk top dividend... where would you get the components?
  8. tomcole


    OK, well, if you spent some time trading and making money, you wouldnt have time to chase down every coupon.

    Do you also ask for a refund if your trade price moves against you? No harm in trying, following your logic.
  9. hefty1


    The two are nothing alike. The purpose of my thread was to see if someone had similiar experiences as I did and were able to game the system. If I find $250 lying on the floor, I pick it up. The cost of trying eventually makes it not worth the aggrevation.

    I'm out. Continue splitting hairs if u like.
  10. id definitely recommend
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