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    That was a great call on MBLX - as usual, wish I had played it. I was waiting for it to hit 30 today so I could short it - can you say overextended?.

    Anyway, a play I did make this week that is an obscure "green" play is KDN. Ball bearings- how can you get more boring, right?, But wait - a growing part of their business is making highly specialized ball bearings that are used in wind turbines. From their recent press release:

    During the first quarter of 2007, the Company expanded its capital program to serve customers in the rapidly growing wind energy industry. The additional capital expenditures recently committed to will help meet wind turbine manufacturers' requirements for advanced custom bearing assemblies up to 11 feet in diameter for new, larger wind turbines with up to 3 megawatts capacity. The Company has previously announced its current capital program to serve customers in the demanding medical and security equipment markets with high-speed low-decibel specialty bearing assemblies. The Company's total investment in these expansion programs will be approximately $60 million when completed. For calendar 2007, Kaydon now expects total capital expenditures to approximate $51 million.

    I'm in at 46.22. Great volume yesterday, slight pull back today. Wind power in the U.S. is exploding - will do even more is the Dems gain the white house.
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  2. Open Letter To America
    From: Stoney
    Topic: Get Green.

    >> Well I tried. I gave this great idea to you all and no one ran with it. This stock should be up over $30 by now instead it has corrected into a coil like pennant pattern that i see exploding to the upside today.

    >> Back in MBLX @ $25.50 AND $25.95 believe we take out $27 w/ vol and we are off. My commitment here is firm. I have loaded down my wife's IRA with this stock as well. If we are going to make a lot of money at least we are going to be changing the world while we do it. Plastic as we know it is BANISHED. Plastic bags in every supermarket, the plastic holders on every 6 back of beer and soda sold in America.... do the math. This is " LCT "Life Changing Technology and it's not getting enough respect. I've tried to find another play to add to this Green Portfolio but it's very hard to get everything aligned :great idea, with funding, with factory expansion, with the most important patent on earth. (I hope) ~ stoney
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  3. I'm Giving Out A " Last Call: Train Leaving The Station " announcement. I have nothing to go on but my dreams, ability to feel a stock and the hope that Glad, Hefty or someone decides to change their garbage bags into fully biodegradable
    version made by MBLX. Save The Planet & Get Rich! What else could you want?
    Needs to get up and over $26 sitting RIGHT THERE~ stoney
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    I think it needs to get over 27. Why or what do you see that makes you say 26?
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  5. Well now you got your $27!

    MBLX comes on again & surges back to retest session highs near 26.94!

    Boy it's not enough I go out and find a stock that can single handedly save the earth but I have to tell you the exact moment to buy (twice) and even then no thank you's. Well that does it, I'm off tomorrow to the freakin beach for 4 days: Take That Everyone!
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    GREAT CALL Stoney - Enjoy your beach trip.
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    LMAO!!! Ok Stoney.....I'll shut up. :D I hear what yer saying and I'll heed your first warnings from now on! Have a great time at the beach!

    P.S. Thanks Stoney! There......SOMEONE said thanks!
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