The Greatness of the Raiders

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  1. Sad, sad story here:

    Monday, June 9, 2008
    Ex-Raiders star Stabler arrested on third DUI charge
    Associated Press

    ROBERTSDALE, Ala. -- Police in Robertsdale say former NFL football star and Crimson Tide broadcaster Kenny Stabler was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Police said the Foley, Ala., native was pulled over for a traffic violation on Alabama 59 and charged with DUI.

    Stabler, according to authorities, was taken into custody early Sunday at about 1 a.m.

    Robertsdale assistant police chief Brian Middleton said Stabler posted $1,000 bond and was released from jail.

    Stabler, who played quarterback for the Oakland Raiders from 1970-79, the Houston Oilers from 1980-81 and New Orleans Saints from 1982-84, has two previous DUI charges, stemming from arrests in 2001 and 1995.
  2. He also used to play drunk! I'm not making this up. Stabler has admitted this several times. I think he is proud of it.
  3. The Snake was the perfect QB for those Raiders teams.
  4. Agreed.

    He was damn good too. I haven't seen a side arm delivery like that since. I was raised in the Bay Area when he was there. He was worshiped.
  5. Speaking of Raiders.....the quicker Raider Fans are eliminated from the gene pool the better.

    I went to a few Raider games when they were in L.A. It wasn't even a sporting event was war zone. LAPD would send about 300 of their biggest baddest (6'4" 250) mofo's on the force to crack heads and the Raider fans would go at 'um. It was just crazy.,84581
  6. They were even worse during their first stint in Oakland. Funny cause you'd have the wine sipping Niner fans just across the Bay. Neither would attend the other's stadium unless the two teams were playing each other, which was a rare event.

    Raider fans were a nightmare, while Niner fans were non existent. In the 70's, the Niners sucked, and rarely had more than half Candlestick filled. When the then mighty Rams would visit each year, half the crowd would root for the Rams. ( I was one of em).

    This obviously changed with the 80's, and one of the most powerful football dynasties ever. Now they get crowds even when crappy.
  7. Only his third? It would be interesting to know how many times he wasn't charged at all.