The Greatest Nation on Earth

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oddiduro, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. I woke up today and everyone is high. Blacks, whites, reds, yellows, and browns. Why? Because we have finally reclaimed our status as the greatest democracy on earth. No slaveholding nation has ever done this. We are alone. It only took us 232 years! In nation years thats 23.2. What were you doing when you were 23?

    The United States of America has done something that will ensure her greatness for the foreseeable future. She has attoned for many of her past sins in a single day. The statue of liberty has brand new meaning today, and the free world will look at America with awe once more.

    A black man is president. It could have only happened here.
  2. truly for the ages. an incredible leap forward
  3. Well said. It is indeed entertaining to see the far-right whack-jobs on here saying 'What? What's the big deal? Nothing's changed'. They just cannot believe what has happened and will go to their grave denying that this historical event is anything more than a change in government from one party to another.

    Can you imagine what things are going to be like at the local Aryan Nations meetings this week?
  4. Sad, and uninformed most likely. What they will miss is that both MLK, and Thomas Jefferson are proud this morning. They have both been vindicated.

  5. Or africa.....they had plenty of slaves, at various times, actually, although i digress, the black rulers may not have been voted in. Ancient greece on the other hand, voted in white rulers, who supported slavery, of pretty much everyone.

    More importantly, people seem to forget, the statue of liberty was a gift from the french government.
    Yet you all seem to hate frenchies....cheese eating surrender monkeys or something.......

    Well done, USA, it is , somehow, momentous. Just stop with the frog bashing already:D