The greatest feeling in the World..

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  1. Sometimes for a trader, the greatest feeling in the world can be making back those losses, no matter how long it takes, because once you have done that, you realize you can do anything.
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    Your CCI system was quite interesting. Is that all you use in your trading?
  3. I think the greatest feeling in the world is when you wake up real early, realize you have nothing to do, then go back to bed. But jokes aside, I'm currently trying to make back some losses in one of my accounts. It seems as though it's harder to make back these losses than it would be to make the same amount if the account were at its original balance.
  4. Love is the bestest feeling.

  5. To make up for a 50% loss you need a 100% gain. Tough to do.
  6. Another candidate for the greatest feeling in the world: Closing out your positions for exogenous reasons unrelated to your trading system (example: getting flat before a two week vacation), then seeing a market meltdown happen that would have cost you huge losses. But you're out! You dodged a bullet! Accidentally. Bwaah-haa-ha-haa.
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    ....then you start thinking, if i hadn't made those losses i would be up, how much?
    Now, thats when you can develop a negative trading related psychological issue.
  8. Greatest feeling in the world: to not have any losses to make up to begin with.
  9. Few people who have traded for any length of time have not had to go through this exercise.
  10. Laughing at the idiots who trash talked your skills and never seeing them again in the journal.

    Oops, we got a laugh right here :D
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