The Greater Fool Theory.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by fanews, May 10, 2011.

  1. fanews


    MSFT buying skype at 8.5 billion cash is the greater fool theory in practice. Proof that the theory is real. I thought ebay management was fools and morons, now Microsoft is the greater fool. Hire smart people or invest in people. Lots of morons at microsoft these days. Microsoft is worse than a government bureacracy. Layers and layers of useless management pushing paper and answering emails all day.
  2. Google should add video calls to gmail. They already offer phone calls through gmail, and it should be easy to add the video part. My guess is that within a year Google launches such a service.
  3. The different is Microsoft making ton of cash, and they can affort to flush the cash into toilet :D
  4. ryancy


    This has to be one of the dumbest purchases ever. If MSFT wants to waste money then why not return it to the sockholders?
  5. cfelicio


    uh, it's already there for a while, you just need to enable it :)
  6. You are right. If Microsoft doesn’t consume companies with its cash its investors will demand higher and higher dividends from the cash hoard.
  7. fanews


    Like I said there is more to meet the eyes.

    I doubt ballmer is that stupid or is he?

  8. Every time I read about a deal like this I wipe my ass with a $100 bill, cause thats what its worth.