The Great Solar Bubble.

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  1. So anyone having fun watching this solar stocks bubble, I mean high P/E's, lots of hype, limited market, dubious CEOs and companies to boot. Looks like some of the bubble is slowly popping. Lots of lemmings are gonna get scalped on FSLR, I mean Scalped like it was dotcom days again.

    Look at ESLR, double scalping going on. Anyhow so many companies for such a small limited market. Lots of folks gonna lose their kids college funds etc.. Too bad.
  2. Be sure to use SPF-200.
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    They just released a new solar etf (TAN) last in the mid 20's, how come they always release these types of ETFS after the hype....
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    I'm not so sure about that...

    Now, not every one of these co's is making the same stuff, or using the same mfg process, agreed? But a few of these guys make solar panels so light & thin that you can practically "wallpaper" the exterior of your plant, high-rise or home with this stuff and run solar all day (and a bit into the night too with specialized storage cells [batteries]).

    Right now, "Green is good"
  5. To cash in. Think about it Analysts etc.. only sell what people clamor for. They are always one step behind.

    Notice how Analyst will downgrade a stock after its done poorly or upgrade after its done well.
  6. *cough cough*


    *cough cough*

    Fortess Investment Group

    *cough cough*
  7. What if the technology improves and solar becomes very cost effective?

    Is the technology a bust?
    If the technology is a bust then the co's will be a bust.
    If the technology makes solar a widespread cheap source of energy.
    Then these companies are cheap.
  8. It's hard to predict when a bubble crash. People were predicting internet stocks to crash in 1997 or a little earlier. It took 1999 for it to crash. The real estate market too, it's going down, down, I heard this in 2004, but it took late 2007 for it to really start poping.
  9. Yes they are, it's either thin film or standard panels. Thin film is still inferior to the standard panels.

    Other than that, it's either cheap Chinese crap or American/European/Japanese higher quality.

    Most of the top producers are subsidiaries of large companies. Most of the pure solar publicly traded symbols are the riff raff.
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