The Great Reset

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  1. Thanks for posting this.
  2. Part 2A: "The United States has reached the point at which the Soviet Union was immediately prior to its collapse."
  3. Part 2A: "Foreign countries are replacing demand from the United States by stimulating their domestic economy,"...."the fall of the United States would be a one time hit that the world is already preparing for."


    I've always stated China will need the U.S. consumer just for as long as until its own citizens and those in the region have appetites that exceed those of American businesses and consumers.

    We are giving our national security away, and this guy is spot on.
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    Yea this guy is a tool. We produce nothing and have not invested in our intelligence? I will site one thing, we just recreated the power of the sun in a lab. Our navy is obsolete to Iranian missile tech? Lmao. China... the knock off capital of the world. Yea ok, keep selling the baby formula with lead additive.

    He made some good points about the massive bureaucracy.
  5. He didn't say our Navy is obsolete.

    He said that if their were to be a confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz, our ships, including our aircraft carriers, are highly vulnerable to torpedo/missile attack, and the DoD had prepared a report years ago that came to the very same conclusion.

    As far as what we did years ago, what relevance does that have to today? We created the power of the sun in a lab?

    I assume you're speaking about nuclear fission. If so, many countries have caught up to us and surpassed us with their science and R&D.