The Great Global Warming Swindle

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  1. The Great Global Warming Swindle

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  2. Brought to you by the BIG OIL, BIG COAL AND THE KOCH BROS....

    Purveyors of fine fossil fuel products and disinformation about man-made global warming for twenty years.
  3. Actually brought to you by Channel 4 - the British public-service television broadcaster.
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    So, leftist media, aka the lamestream media?
  5. Yes... and Channel 4 took a lot of abuse from the British government (and media) for having the audacity to fund and produce a documentary that questions global warming.
  6. And who else is going to take the other side of the debate? Some intellectuals that live off the public sector and would be fired for doing so?

    so.. uhh, what the hell. Fight back! Stop driving, stop using electricity, stop heating your home, don't use any manufactured items... you can show them! Channel the Unabomber in your spare time too!
  7. Yes AGW is hoax. Virtually all the world's climate scientists and science organizations are setting aside their personal and professional ethics and are trying to fake everyone out. For some reason. They are duping people to believe something that is simple common sense.

    And the earth is flat, the moon landing was staged, 9/11 was an inside job and smoking tobacco is not really bad for you.

    Fortunately fewer and fewer people are buying into the denial stupidity. Some 70% of the nation now agree that AGW is real and that number is going up every day.
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    How much did it go up yesterday?
  9. Maybe it is time for you to watch the entire video and explain to us EXACTLY what in the video in incorrect. Pay special attention to the second half of the video that talks about government funding of the global warming 'research' and how scientists are not being listened to (and find their names automatically added to IPCC reports they disagree with).

    Time to watch the video and get educated.
  10. And how much money is waiting for a climatologist that can disprove it. Safe to say such a scientist would be instantly rich. The Koch bros would bury them with money.
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