The Great Gatsby - release date May 16th

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    Just in time for a market crash, a la 1929? The remake of this paean to extreme wealth seems ironically well timed.

    Thoughts, please.
  2. Given that I don't have a crystal ball I am less convinced that it is all falling apart in a few weeks. Where does one obtain the crystal ball?
  3. So it means to be extremely well prepared for this 16th may.

    Thanks a LOT for the info.
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    My God, posting on ET is like having a conversation with janitors (and I don't mean Good Will Hunting).

    Are any of you vaguely aware of the book's content or meaning? Or that extreme celebrations/expressions of opulence often mark major market tops?

    The original Robert Redford film was released in 1974. Now look up what happened in 1974.
  5. So your telling me the studio schedules the remake and then the release date according to their crystal ball so all I have to do is follow that and I don't need my own ball?

    Good to know.

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    What social factors and prevailing attitudes makes a studio think that a Gatsby remake would be a good idea in the first place? For example, extreme popular interest in wealth and spending?
  7. hey don't blame us!
    If someone tell me on this day, a huge crash is coming.
    I'd definitively prepare because :
    1) other know much more than I do about these things
    2) who am I to say the person is wrong or right?
    3) a crash day is easy to trade.
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    For god's sake, I'm not saying there will be a huge crash on May 16th. I am trying to start a discussion about expressions of/interest in opulence and extravagance, and how that often corresponds to market tops.

    I'm not making any damn predictions about the date of a crash.

    PLEASE can someone with a modicum of intelligence or culture reply to this thread??
  9. Sorry about the lack of culture, and others.
    Just here, on ET, I am really really interested in trading. For some reasons.

    the thing about fundamentals here is it gives a kind of warning.
    So you might need really wide stops or no stops at all.
    Now, I am more into smallStops - though with the new style of trading
    the small stops are more low var stops.
    When limiting the losses, having a timing range is usefu.
    So I am really keen if you can give the exact date of this crash.
    You see I am not even asking for the time.

    I'd be really pissed off to be very ready on the 16th and no

    Now talking intelligence or culture (lol. I need to call some PhD pals) , as in a salon discussion,
    yes you have a point that when people are consuming with extreme indulgences, the top is to be expected.But when? one year after, 2 years or 8 years later. And during all these years, no top in view. So how would one use this pressentiment of a coming top?

    I bet you prefer the 2nd type of statements. Though the first one way of thinking would turn out much more profitable.
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    1. I deliberately posted this thread under "Psychology"
    2. Anyone who wants the exact date of a crash is not a trader, but a twit
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