The great depression of 1929-1939

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  1. the cause of the great depression was not what happened after the crash..the cause was excessive debt and old fashion fraud in wall street. the stock market was scam built on house of cards...just like the subprime etc... when banks goes broke they have no money to invest and investors lose money they have no new money to invest etc.

    in economics books they keeping talking about monetary supply the basic principle wall street is blackhole....mostly good money chasing bad money or bad stale assets. aweful investments and bonds are is doesn't lose 50% of value an you need cash to buy stock,gold.real if ben wants to make cash worthles that is his perogrative. or destroy the end the business cylcels of boom and bust ..

    cash is the new gold of the space age or new gold in the modern economy.
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  3. Cut taxes, spending and keep the fed out of it! But then there are acual painful failures in the system.
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    Those that pays for the excesses in the economy are those that have no excesses to pay. The poor and lower middle income families. They are unemployed and underemployed through no fault of their own.
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    If only they knew back then that all they have to do is print several trillions and give it to wall street and everything would be peachy again

    How far we have come
  6. We couldn't back then because of gold standards. So we have come along way..............:D
  7. mostly good money chasing bad money

    Imo good point.

    fer instance, we have the new GM. Clearly good money would have been chasing bad money in the old days, but no, today we have good money chasing the "new" GM".
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    Well now moving forward all we have to do is keep the monopoly money printing machine running and there should be absolutely no problems what so ever.
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    new GM,

    now that is a fucking laughing matter right there!!!!!

    How many too big to fail companies are left standing that should have failed!!!!

    Amazes me to witness manipulation like this.