The Great Debate: Jack vs. Hypo

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  1. you trading 20 cars, you are such a liar you would even pass the lie detector test

    if you were trading 20 cars you would SHUT UP about SCT forever

    we wouldn't get a half a tick out of you
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  2. the only people I respect on ET is Hypo and Baron

    Hypo is smart and posts quality

    Baron is even smarter and doesn't post at all

    constant problem with hypo is that he lacks brute force, if I didn't know better I would say he is Chinese

    he wants to solve everything with the play of words and timing and waiting

    I say no

    I say lets call it like it is using words like FIRE
    F- everything

    and last but not least .......... RATED R
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  3. So sorry I started this. What a fucking waste of time. We have eight years of Jack posts that ET rubs its crotch up against like a pole dancer, and no one is willing to debate his self-stated fundamental principle underlying the approach. I'm gone.
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    I'm sending this one to ChitChat.

    If someone wants to start a new thread discussing the details of JH's approach, that would be fine. But please keep all the negative personal attacks out (both sides).
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  6. 20+ contracts is certainly a nice size and not one that I am even colse yet to approaching. However, as I recall, Jack had said on previous occasions in various posts that people trading his method are making more money than the rest of us can even conceive. So, while 20+ contracts per trade can make for a very nice living if you know what you're doing, it hardly falls beyond the scope of my imagination. Might this have been an exaggeration on Jack's part? And, if so, might there be other exaggerations worth noting? After all, exaggerations are like cockroaches, you know. There's never just the one. :D
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  7. You must be a very experienced FX trader, earning profits amounting three times of daily range, with Jack's methods! :D
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  8. Wow. Who could have seen that one coming.
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  9. Vikana you want me not to be personal about this eh

    yeahhh yeahh that's fine

    just one problem..................if I wasted my life with SCT my
    children would go know without food

    so how the F can I not take it personally
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  10. To the OP:

    As an innocent byfacker might I suggest that a very simple way to decide whether or not there is anything worth debating would be to answer the following question. To what extent have you incorporated any of Hershey's incoherent ramblings into your trading protocol and similarly to what extent has he incorporated any of your incoherent ramblings into his trading protocol?
    Having read much of your/his incoherent ramblings, my guess is that you've used some of his and he's used none of yours. So unless there is a desire to debate the reasons why you failed to incorporate all of his incoherent ramblings into your trading protocol, there really is no need for a debate.

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