The Great Debate: Jack vs. Hypo

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  1. Spydie, in reality it is I who want to teach people to think. Jack makes unquantified general statements which do not bear up under critical examination. How many Israelites do you suppose would have followed Moses into the Wilderness had they known they would wander for two generations? You are Jack's burning bush. He hides behind you to this day. If I am the golden bullock he should smash me himself. Jack wants idolaters, not thinkers. No disrespect to you personally, as you well know, but I made this challenge knowing full well Jack would never take it. He will never turn a rod into a serpent. He says instead, through you, "Oh faithless generation, that seeks a sign!".
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  2. Je repete, the specious Robin Hood assertion is the core of Jack's teaching and neither he nor Spydie has deigned to defend it. Because it is indefensible? Who is the idiot here? I, who use ineluctible logic? Or Jack who has no capability to reason from evidence?
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  3. I've offered on several occassions to show you personally how this is done, yet you've not bothered to accept such an invitation. Not once. No need to add the drama of religious analogy. Simply, show up, next time. Don't you find it odd that you can find the time to start several of these 'debate' threads and consistantly conjur the images of religious dogma, yet, in five years you haven't found an opportunity to witness for yourself the P-V Relationship in action - dispite numerous invitations to do so?

    You're a smart guy. Here's a hint: The whole thing is 100% binary.

    - Spydertrader
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  4. jrkob


    Hey Hypo t'es de retour chef !
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  5. Yet again you dodge the issue. I am not arguing YOUR interpretation of Jack. I am arguing the verity of Jacks's SCRIPTURE. He asserts that money is there for the taking by ALL intraday in index futures. He is incapable of measuring, as I do, the threshold of pain of the limit order traders who make the market for THEIR benefit, not YOURS. I know that you and anyone else who successfully trades SCT collectively are pissants because I don't see you on the tape and I don't see you affecting the net loss position of all market order traders. Don't jive an old man. My algorithms see and interpret every fucking thing that goes on. "Macavity isn't there!"
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  6. The money is there because a market - any market -operates on certain fundamental principles. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and well, It isn't about Jack, Mak or even me anymore. Too many people now profit using the methods they read about right here on ET.

    Equities, Options, Futures and even Forex all use the same fundamental principles.

    SCT isn't a goal. Hell, it isn't even a method. SCT represents nothing more than the consequence of the learning process.

    One does not start out trying to do SCT. One simply arrives at SCT - first by accident, then by design.

    - Spydertrader
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  7. La la la. I don't SEE you. You aren't THERE. Don't bullshit me. I count every fucking trade. Again you dodge the issue of what would happen if you WERE there in force.
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  8. Oh I see now. Where is all the size, is what you are saying. Sorry I missed that. I can't speak for everybody else, but right now, I think only Mak and myself trade 20+ cars or more. The rest, either still find themselves in the learning process, or trade small size (1 or 2 cars) like you. :D

    That gives me an idea. Before I leave this web site, I'll send you a PM of how many cars I'll trade that day (something odd like 37) so you can follow along. :D

    - Spydertrader
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  9. Oh, the fun Jack must be having watching you defend him. What a pussy he is! He knows he can't hope to debate me successfully himself. It's not fair. I lose every time I debate YOU. Thanks for the call on your size. Can you make it 37.5 cars so I'll recognize it? But think on this. If I rolled my total net worth in NQ at IB margins, it would be 300 cars, give or take. With a risk of $4500 with a 3 tick stop. THAT might impress me. Three days' salary. Jackie, where are you? Kudos to Spydie the TRADER. Shame on Jack the THEORETICIAN.
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  10. How the hell do I do that? :D :D

    - Spydertrader
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