The Great Debate: Jack vs. Hypo

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  1. Jack, I know you can't see me because you have me on ignore. Please tell me which aliases aren't on ignore and I'll switch. Surely you can't be blocking all 16. I challenge you to a debate on the theory and practice of SCT. I would debate you on my method but you don't get it. If ET protects you, as many assert, then moderation will keep this thread free of flaming. Just you and me. My intellect versus yours. My view of market reality versus yours. My crisp logic versus your turgid bullshit. Mano a mano. Moano a moano. You haven't got a hair on your old ass if you decline. This is your opportunity to demolish the critics, of which I am the critic emeritus. Between us we are 138 years old. Let's show these punks how it's done! Just to show you how sporting I am, I'll debate you dead drunk. That should offset the deleterious effects of your meds. One flatulent old fraud vs. another? Whaddaya say?
  3. **Yawn** Didn't I read this same post back in 2002 or 2003?

    - Spydertrader
  4. Indeed you did. And Jack declined to debate each time. I am not challenging you and SCT-Lite, my dear friend, I am addressing eight years of postings here by Jack on SCT-Heavy. Jack's view of the market definitively represents the infantile desires of every new entrant to trading. That is what I wish to debate with HIM. He cannot escape the history of his posts. Unless he is chickenshit. His demurrer is always that he cannot debase himself to debate a clown like me. Well, this clown is Everytrader, the modern analogue of the eighteenth century Everyman allegories.
  5. spyder why won't you show up on my thread, its made just for you

    I don't want Jackoooo, I gave up on him, although he did show up as user cd23

    I want to debate you
  6. Of the two (17 including your 16) of you, only one has chosen to accept my invitation to speak directly. Perhaps, you use a different definition of 'chickenshit' than I. :)

    - Spydertrader
  7. Ora-Ginal, para-doxie-cally I love you as much as I love Spydie. But cunt me some slack and let me debate the master. He may prove your point that he is a pussy who can't tolerate debate, or he may slurprise us all.
  8. Spydie, je ne comprend pas. I am speaking as directly as I know how to without revealing the pitiful reality of my true self. The greater question is why YOU feel obliged to defend le maitre from my honest questioning. A marriage counsellor once asked my ex in couples therapy, "Why do you defend him every time I challenge him?"
  9. cd23


    You win.

    You are the critic emeritus.

    That applies to your method and to "others" including what I do.

    As a hobbiest you can frame this and put it in your tack room or game room.

    Thank you for the offer.
  10. A perfect example of irony. Equating that, which, by definition, exists in mutually exclusive paradigms.

    Ten years he's posted and suffered the abuse of those unable or unwilling to see the value in what he has offered. You really think he cares about a debate? You really think he doesn't laugh at those who (in his words) have chosen to maintain their position in life?

    I don't defend Jack because, believe it or not, Jack doesn't provide the answers people seek. Oh, he has them alright, and on occassion, he'll toss a crumb or two out to the madding crowd. No, Jack has no desire to teach people to trade. Instead, he prefers to teach people to think.

    - Spydetrader
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