The Great Contrarian Indicator Speaks about Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE day down! This market is going to crash big time tomorrow. Everything is in place for a market meltdown the likes of which have never been recorded in modern times.

    DOW 2500

    Put your hard-hats on!

    ET's whipping Child
  2. So, you are pretty much telling us we need only sell at the open, and hold the short all day? Do the opposite of that one day last week, correct?
  3. Yes. You will want to short everything in the morning and ride it all the way down the entire day.
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    shut the fuck up- you don't trade..will you be selling short the open? oh, wait- you only paper trade- lol- but i bet you will think that you are brilliant if we close lower tommorrow :D :D get an account, learn to trade, step into the ring and put your money where your balls/brains are- then you can talk about trading- once you have some battle scars and have come home with the spoils of war- until then, your cherry has not been popped and you shouldn't rant on message boards for attention like you know anything about trading- you should work on getting your head out of your ass first

    hhmmm, can't figure out if i should put you on my ignore list, or read your posts and call you out for being an idiot- oh, wait- are you going to try to sue me for libel????? hahaha (would be funny if you did- my lawyer buds would tear you up kid)

    seriously man, just get some money together and start trading- quit wasting your time posting bullshit on ET- get some books that impart valuable trading knowledge and read them- there is no sense in 700 plus posts here before making a single trade. get a trading account and learn- you will need a decent stake or find a prop deal- but step into the ring and learn to fight- or else you will just get your ass kicked- its a tough road, but the sooner you take your knocks and learn how to get on your feet and fight until you can win and succeed (make consistent $$$) the better. get some knowledge and quit fagging off posting on ET.
  5. no smokey...

    people keep getting this wrong....ahpie just hasn't traded futures b4. don't forget he's an expert in options..
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  7. Spoken like a true egomaniac!
  8. Com'on guys, Aphie was just kidding with his post ! He already tasted his rubber shoes the last time with his post-Labor Day prediction. :p

    Cheers !! :)
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    just HAD to include this!! props to optional777 for providing the laughs!!!!
    what a gay website you have kid- you look like a total chump- nice leather jacket with no shirt- how cheesy!!!!-
    like i said, quit fagging off on ET.......and with that collage in your dorm

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    How many of you saw this:

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    Not that there is anything wrong with that.....

    There is nothing wrong with being uh, a, well, you know....there is nothing wrong with being a "sensitive guy."

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  10. smokey_mcPaat,

    I bet I can get laid a lot easier than you -- you old, grouchy, hard-assed, disgruntled, ego-inflated, aging SOB.
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