The Great Chicago Mall Brawl

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    Once you see the make up of the crowd of idiots involved you will understand why this happened.

    Nineteen teenagers have been arrested following a frightening disturbance that shut down a Chicago shopping mall and left two people with minor injuries.

    Chicago police spokeswoman Laura Kubiak says the teens arrested Saturday were males and females ranging in age from ages 13 to 18. Mall general manager John Sarama said the chaos involved hundreds of “somewhat organized” youth.

    “It’s like a mob scene, just jumping on cars, breaking windows,” witness Moses Khativ told ABC7/WLS.

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  2. Anyone living in the area knows that going to the Ford City Mall is putting yourself in harms way. 20+ years ago I lived about 5 miles from that location, Chicago Ridge, and it was turing into a zoo even then.

    Note: Chicago Ridge is not where the mall is. The Mall is actually the furthest west side of the city of Chicago.
  3. It's just becoming like a jungle. Drink fuck fight kill.
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    Tsing Tao

    You would never have seen a display of mass violence like that at a Florida mall, because any youths would know that everyone who owned those cars would come out shooting.
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    It looks like a fun neighborhood. :D

    I'm surprised RCG doesn't live there so he can partake of the fun destroying other people's property.
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    He's too busy surfing the web and having sex with drug addicted patients while on the clock.

  7. Another insulting post that has nothing to do with politics or religion
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    Or a statement of documented corroborated fact with direct bearing on his complete lack of credibility.

    I guess it just depends on how you choose to look at it.

    Besides, weren't you recently warned about your insults?
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  9. no matter how you look at it it had nothing to do with politics or religion .you can tell me to go fuck myself as much as you want but i will continue to call out your trolling
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    Call out MY trolling? LOL

    You were voted P&R's number one troll son. You "call it out" all you want.
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